Meet the director

Meet the Director

‘This world is full of such beauty, rich colours, patterns and life!’

After a varied therapeutic and creative career which included project management for a local charity, running various creative workshops and writing children’s books, Kelly opened her own bespoke gift and homeware store online during the pandemic. Selling beautiful homemade crafts and upcycled furniture pieces. As a result of reigniting her passion for home interiors and décor, she wanted to delve deeper and help transform peoples entire spaces and homes.

You can see Kelly’s unique homeware and jewellery designs on her Etsy shop

‘I feel so inspired by the colours of nature’

Having first studied interior design decades ago, Kelly returned to these studies in more recent years, at the Interior Design Institute, where she excelled during her time there. Further developing her understanding and knowledge of the interior design world, the history of architecture, how colours work in harmony together, the purpose and production of technical drawings, electrical lighting plans, sample/mood boards and more. Her love for colour and making things look beautiful continued.

‘I am truly inspired from my travels around the world and the sights I have been fortunate enough to see’

So much of my inspiration comes from the colours in nature. I felt such a deep connection with the breath taking display of colour when I first visited Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Designed by the amazing architect Gaudi, the colours inside change like a kaleidoscope as the sun rises and sets I was truly blown away by the skill of this design and the beauty of this building both inside and out.

‘I’m in awe of the vast array of beautiful colours that surround us

Before launching her business, Kelly worked on several private projects during her studies and increased her skills and knowledge even further, by completing several real life client designs since graduating. Her work has included working with local mural and scenic artists to develop unique personalised commissioned designs for clients.

Kelly says, ‘I love to help make spaces look beautiful and people happy! The home really is where the heart is and I want my clients to feel in love and totally satisfied, in fact thrilled, with their homes and our design ideas. My top priority is working together with the client, so we can create their ultimate vision. I enjoy using natural material and recycling where possible. My love for nature and the outdoors means I love eco-design and build.’